Donegal Tweed embodies the history, creativity, individualism and the perseverance of the Donegal people.
The colors and patterns of Donegal Tweed reflect the heather, the fuchsia, moss and mountain gorse, the indigenous plants of the beautiful hills of Donegal.
Embrace the character of Donegal Tweed, it connects you with a noble tradition.

How is Tweed Fabric Made?

1. Harvesting wool fiber

The Merino Sheep's yearly coat is humanely harvested and is cleaned and packed into bales.

2. Cleaning and spinning

On the production floor the wool is cleaned and carded into long strings. These strings are then spun to make yarn.

3. Dyeing and drying

The wool yarn is dyed in particular colours and dried in bunches. The ratio of certain dye colours is balanced to get the right tweed pattern.

4. Blending and mixing

After the yarn is roughly mixed by hand, it's loaded into an industrial mixer to produce the desired pattern.

5. Teasing and carding

The dyed wool yarn is carded again, Finished tweed yarn consists of a few reasonably-wide wool yarns all spun together.

6. Weaving

Once the thick tweed thread has been made, it is woven into garments.